Thursday, October 7, 2010

Asia Ducati Week 2010

Everything is ready for the biggest Ducati event in Asian region will take place October 8th-12th at Sepang international circuit.

The first and largest gathering ever of Ducati riders in Asia is going to be organized by the official importer in Malaysia, coordinated by Ducati APAC. The event will be showcased at the Asia Ducati Week 2010, which boasts over 500 Ducatis, valued at approximately RM60 million during the upcoming MotoGP weekend at Malaysia's Sepang International Circuit (SIC).

The event will be held in conjunction with the Malaysian round of the MotoGP championship from Oct 8 to 12, 2010. This MotoGP experience is expected to be followed by the 2-day Ducati Riding Experience Asia, an exclusive riding course conducted by Ducati in Italy.

Asia Ducati Week will gather Ducati Community in Asia for the first time. Every Ducatista can share a unique riding passion with bikers coming from all around the world and try a unique riding experience at Sepang Circuit.

Themed "Red Storm" and supported by Tourism Malaysia and the City of Kuala Lumpur, the event will see an international participation from more than 22 countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam as well as several Ducatisti from Europe.

The five-days event will kick off with a welcome dinner at the Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport Hotel in Sepang, followed by street parties planned for the two nights of 9th and 10th October, at a designated "Ducati Zone" along Jalan P. Ramlee that spans across five clubs.

Participants will also attend a City Tour, which will take them to attractions such as Batu Caves, KL Tower, the Petronas Twin Towers and the Putrajaya Administrative Capital.

The Ducati Riding Experience Asia will be conducted by fully Italian qualified trainers, directly supervised by Ducati Motor Holding, who will teach participants how to improve their riding skills in a controlled environment. The DRE will be divided into three different courses - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced - specially catered for individual riders. Troy Bayliss (52 World Superbike victories) is scheduled to take part to DRE Asia himself, riding with the most passionate and skilled of the Ducatisti.

This two-day event Grand Finale will be revved up at full throttle towards an exciting Ducati gala dinner.

The Asia Ducati Week is based on the popular World Ducati Week, which is held at the Misano World Circuit, in Italy. During this year's edition the Italian coast of the Adriatic Riviera vibrated with the thunderous sounds of Ducatis and boasted a record-breaking 60,000 motorcyclists from 28 nations from five continents - reinforcing the international appeal of the Ducati brand.

For those who have yet to purchase the Ducati of their dreams, we organized the possibility of test riding our demonstration bikes during the riding experience, allowing them to feel part of a worldwide riding excellence.-

Masa Amir nak pergi Times Square naik monorail , Amir terperasan satu banner ni "ASEAN DUCATI WEEK 2010" . Wooooaahh . Memang gempak lah bile lepas baca tu , Amir bali selidik kat pakcik google . Pastu result yang pertama sekali datang sendiri dari website Ducati . Ducati tuh ape ? Woi . Agak-agak sikit lah, tnye soalan macam tuh . Haha . Ducati itu satu pengeluar / jenama superbike kowt ? tak pun orang panggil SBK , singkatan buat superbike . Amir memang minat dalam sukan permotoran ini , tak sukan pun memang Amir fasal motor-motor ini . Balik kepada tajuk asal . Haha . Melarat merata-rata.

Ok . Ok . Back to pur main topic . Pada 8 - 12 October , akan berlangsungnya Asia Ducati Week 2010 . Ia juga dilancarkan sempena moto GP( tak pergi , sbab takde tiket . sob .sob .sob ) yang akan berlangsung di Sepang pada 10 October 2010 . Dan satu sebab dia adalah mungkin sebab Rossi dah beralih kepada Ducati . The Doctor tidak lagi menunggang untuk Yamaha . Jangan tanya Rossi tu siapa ea? Juara Dunia 7 kali Moto GP kowt. Tak tau memang saja tak baca surat khabar ni ! :)

BRNO: Seven-time world MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi signed a two-year deal this morning to race with Ducati, the team announced. Yamaha rider Rossi will replace Australia's former world champion Casey Stoner, who will race for Honda next season after four years with the Italian team. Rossi, fondly known as 'The Doctor', said he was looking ahead to a new challenge after seven years with the Japanese manufacturers.
"The time has come for me to find new challenges; my work with Yamaha is now finished," he said. "Sadly, even the most beautiful love stories come to an end, but they leave marvellous memories."
Rossi, 31, finished fifth in Sunday's Czech Grand Prix, but his chances of retaining his world title had already been compromised when he missed six weeks of the season after breaking his leg at Mugello.
"We are delighted to announce that Valentino Rossi will be with us from 2011," said Ducati president Gabriele Del Torchio. "He is a paragon of excellence in the world of motorcycling."
Lin Jarvis, managing director of Yamaha Motor Racing, said Rossi had played a crucial role in the team's fortunes.
"Valentino joined Yamaha in 2004 at a moment when Yamaha was struggling in road racing after eleven seasons without a championship victory," said Jarvis.
"Valentino's victory at his first GP race for Yamaha in South Africa in 2004 was an incredible moment and was just the first of many more race wins that have thrilled MotoGP fans and Yamaha fans around the world.
"His unsurpassed skills as a racer and a development rider enabled him to win four MotoGP world titles to date with us and helped Yamaha develop the YZR-M1 into the 'the bike of reference' for the MotoGP class.
"Whilst we regret Vale's decision to move on, at the same time we fully respect his decision to search for a new challenge and we wish him the very best for 2011 and beyond."
Meanwhile, Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo recorded his seventh MotoGp victory of the season here yesterday riding his Yamaha to glory in the Czech Grand Prix. - Malay Mail
 Haa . Rossi sudah pun menukar jentera tunggangan dia . Iaitu dari Yamaha ke Ducati . Yamaha memang untung banyak setelah Rossi menjadi duta kepada motosikal Yamaha 135LC . Jualan memang terbaik , Amir adalah salah satu pemilik 135 LC ni . Hehehe . Terbaik !

Valentino Rossi aka The Doctor , tak hensem ? Tapi dye nyer skill riding , HENSEM OOOO! :D

Ducati 484 aka rabbit

Terbaikkan design Ducati ?

Jentera idaman kalbu , dapat lalu sebelah masa turun dari genting hari tu jadi lah :D


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